Joseph A Sims

Joseph Sims was born into a family of artists and creative thinkers. From the innate creativity that was inherited, he honed a technical expertise that represents a lifetime of passion, research, continued education, and demonstrated accomplishments across a myriad of industries. Joseph, always a selfless artist, translates that to teaching at every opportunity ensuring success in the next generation of forward thinking, accurate, and imaginative creative professionals by serving as a Guest Speaker for Bellvue College Photography and Graphic Design courses communicating perspective as a working industry professional, serving as Guest Teacher at Texas State University instructing capstone level class on lighting techniques, and directing the production broadcast for Cable 8 productions at the prestigious Edward R. Murrow School of Communications at Washington State University.

With a high profile client list including T-Mobile USA, Prada International, and National Geographic, Joseph brings a deep perspective to each shoot. Joseph sharpened his lighting and equipment expertise interning with T-Mobile executing shoots and retouching for future product prototypes, supporting full production and editing of “adcepts”.

Whether product or person, Joseph demonstrates creative vision and delivers marketable and impactful deliverables for clients. Check out the portfolio and contact Joseph to capture a moment, a niche in the market, or a concept for future development to witness the transformation of vision to fruition.